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Pricing Monitoring

SELLER INVESTIGATION: A huge threat to any brand doing well on Amazon would be unauthorized resellers. Our team will search and investigate for any resellers that may create an issue for you so that you can continue to enjoy your success without any hiccups.

PRICING MANAGEMENT: As we help in identifying all the unauthorized resellers who pose a threat to your brand, we are making sure they never dictate your success on Amazon. We are a strong proponent of the MAP policy as we hold your brand to the highest regard. We will make sure to enforce your policy and that all of your resellers do so as well. If you do not have a MAP policy, we can create one for you.

COUNTERFEIT INTELLIGENCE: If, by chance, there are any counterfeit products that exist for your brand, our team is there to find and identify them and then work directly with Amazon’s Brand Registry Team to make sure they disappear for good.

Optimize Listing

Our team will take new and existing listings and optimize them for you, so that your products are much easier to find during searches. This is done by providing written content including integrating relevant keywords and images that really showcase the strengths of your products.

Once you set rules for pricing and promotions, we will make sure that all sellers will follow your precedent.