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Industry Research

RESEARCH: On Amazon, the list of top selling products are always changing and growing. Our team gathers up all this information for you as we assist in building your brand with future product development.

DATA REPORTING: It is very important to keep track of your brand’s performance on Amazon. Making thoughtful decisions which are data driven are key in creating successful strategies in a competitive marketplace. We gather all the data such as sales, rankings, market share, advertising performance, etc. and bring it all at your disposal so you can keep track of all of your information in real time.

Amazon Advertising

We put to use the entirety of Amazon’s arsenal of advertising tools to ensure you stay ahead of the curve against your competition. We create a custom strategy that will be tailor made for your brand’s needs as we are very well versed in Seller Central Campaign Manager, Amazon Marketing Services, and Amazon Marketing Group. We will do everything it takes, from strategy to execution, to make sure every step of your ad campaigns are taken care of by increasing your visibility on Amazon that will intrigue new and existing customers alike.

There is plenty of data available on Amazon that is accessible and can help a brand with product development and category creation.