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Brand Management

CREATIVE SERVICES: Your brand is more than just a name. It is the content you provide, such as product listings, imagery, ads, etc. that has an impact on how your brand is perceived. We have a team of very talented and creative designers, copywriters, keyword researchers, and engineers who are all experts at making your brand stand out on Amazon.

CONTENT OPTIMIZATION: We will help to produce the most visually appealing (first class images displaying products and brand videos) and best optimized keyword content on the web that will accurately reflect exactly what your brand has to offer and, in turn, result in garnering long term customers on Amazon.


AMAZON SEO: Search engine optimization is a key player to gain brand awareness and we have the game plan to give your brand the edge ahead of the competition. With the analytics technology that we possess, our team of experts can optimize search engine results for your products, by pulling data from Amazon, Google, Twitter, and other key sources to deliver measurable results. We are able to provide SEO services including keywording, headline and detail page optimization, strategic planning, and customer analysis to strengthen your rankings.


ADVANCED CONTENT: In order to really showcase your brand identity on Amazon, we can implement both A+ Content and Enhanced Brand Content that can help your brand reach new heights.


AMAZON STOREFRONT: Amazon now allows brands to create a custom storefront within their platform. We can build this storefront destination for you. This storefront will let vendors and sellers create a shopping experience like never before for the customer. The benefit of having this Amazon storefront is, using Amazon’s dynamic insights, it will help in increasing sales and enhance marketing strategy by extracting new storefront specific data.


BRAND PROTECTION: The most important step towards growing your ecommerce business is to protect your brand and its equity at all costs. We have a compliance team that can do just that for you. We can help you to implement a global strategy which will benefit your e-commerce and brick and mortar channels, resulting in you succeeding in both. Alongside allowing your customers to receive the optimal experience when they purchase your products, we also will protect your brand against IPR violations, counterfeiters, unauthorized sellers, suppressed listings, and account shutdowns.


GROW YOUR BRAND: Your main objective on Amazon should be to build and grow your brand. Thus your motto should always be, “optimize, advertise, grow, repeat!” The way to do this is to acquire new customers, dominate your competition, and increase repeat purchases, as in have customers come back to buy more of the same. Our team will help design, build, and execute essential advertising and brand optimization strategies. These strategies will assist in increasing your Amazon sales as we will make sure consumers come back for more.


Review Management

Our team will manage all of your customer reviews as it is very important to have daily management of reviews so that your brand’s rating on Amazon remains high.


REVIEW GENERATION: When it comes to review generation, we can handle that for you as well. We engage with all of your Amazon customers on a personal level by implementing a custom email strategy. Our strategy has shown to create more positive product and seller reviews, while slowing down the negative ones.

We can help your team tell your brand’s story exactly the way it was meant to be told, while also optimizing it for conversions.